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After spending over 40 years designing dust extraction and fume extraction system solutions to workplace air quality problems we are in a position where we can provide you with answers to combat your existing industrial dust and fume problems. Our consultants have experience in virtually every field of industry and commerce from; aerospace to pharmaceutical, steel manufacture to food processing. Over the years we have been able to combine experience from all these projects to provide you with the best possible solutions to your process dust and fume issues.

We have a dedicated, directly employed installation team enabling us to offer a Europe- wide installation service for all fume extraction and dust extraction systems. Using experienced engineers specialising in this field we ensure that each installation optimises the systems benefits. In this way we are able to install systems in the way they were designed maximising efficiency and minimising the risk of costly mistakes.

If installation is not required our consultant and operational engineers can offer a project management service to oversee the implementation of our designs. This service can be tailored to suit the project and your needs and is available worldwide.

As specialists in dust extraction and fume extraction systems we offer a COSHH LEV Testing and Maintenance Service in compliance with current legislation to ensure the extraction systems continue to provide safe working environments for the employees.

Our customers are comfortable in the knowledge that by employing our service to maintain their systems not only do they abide by all legal obligations but they also have peace of mind that the extraction system they use is being maintained in optimum condition.

Our vision is to be the leader in the implementation and intelligent control of air quality control systems designed to improve the working environment and minimise the environmental impact of workplace air quality control systems.


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Inteliair™ is a highly innovative and environmental-friendly intelligent air management system which intelligently and automatically controls ventilation, dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems. By cutting the energy costs associated with the operation of supply and extraction fans, it reduces the Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact of air movement systems. Inteliair provides a proven and effective way to assist businesses with the fight against climate change, by reducing carbon emissions.

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